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For New Patients
Options for the first appointment

We offer phone consultations for people who live out of town or who are not able to come into the clinic. We mail out orders from our pharmacy all over the country.

For New Patients

Abbreviated First Time Medical History: For those who want treatment for acute issues (symptoms that have only been a problem for a few days or weeks), like a cold, UTI, minor injury, or turning a breech baby. Includes a brief review of your medical history, an acupuncture treatment, and basic herbal and dietary recommendations. 1 to 2 hours, $90 per hour. If you feel this is the right session for you, we will schedule a free 5 to 15 minute phone consult with Mary Helen to make sure this shorter session applies to your case.

Full First Time Medical History: This session is for most people who need treatment for chronic physical, emotional and/or mental issues. Includes a review of your medical history and Chinese diagnosis, an acupuncture treatment, and herbal, nutritional and detox recommendations. 3 to 4 hours, $90 per hour. This session can be split into two separate appointments if needed.

Animals: For first time pets, most animal cases can be handled without bringing your pet into the clinic. We can review your animal’s medical history over the phone or in person. We will cover nutritional, detox and herbal recommendations. ½ hour to an hour, $50 to $90.

Asian BoxEstablished Patients

Acupuncture Treatment: This session includes counseling on emotional, and environmental stresses, nutrition, herbal, supplement and detox recommendations; plus an acupuncture, magnetic, infrared, and aromatherapy treatment. 1 hour $90

Herbal Consultation:  Herbal needs can change as your health progresses and may need to be updated periodically.  Depending on the length of time since your last session, this consultation can range from half an hour to an hour.  $40 or $90

Nutritional Consultation:  For clients who need extra counseling on diet, we can take the time to review your daily food journals and give detailed recommendations on foods as medicine for your individual needs. 1 hour session. $75, half hour session $50

Dextox Consultation: For clients who need a detox plan due to taking over-the-counter or prescription medications or exposure to environmental toxins. This can range from a half hour to an hour. $50/$90

Gwasha & Cupping:  These therapies are great for chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back, rib muscles, hips, arms and legs.  These muscular parts of the body can develop a build up of toxins and knots in the tissues that can be removed using a massage oil and rubbing the muscle with the back of a Chinese soup spoon or the aid of a suction cup.  The toxins come out on the surface so the bloodstream can eliminate them over the next few days.  This gives pain relief and greater range of motion.  These techniques are also used to remove toxins from the lungs due to smoking or respiratory infection.   Half hour session $50

Aromatherapy Consultation:  Essential oils can be diffused into a room, used in a bath, applied topically, inhaled directly, or sometimes even taken internally for a wide variety of health issues.  Get customized recommendations for your individual needs and see how these scents can instantly lift your spirits.  Half hour session.  $50

Counseling:  For some clients whose health problems stem from emotional, spiritual or relationship issues some extra time is needed in addition to the counseling given in a regular treatment  session.  In some cases you may be invited to ask your spouse or other family member, friend or care-giver to attend.  These sessions may range from an extra 1/2  an hour with your acupuncture or other treatment, to an hour or  hour and a half separate individual or couples session.  If needed we will give you a referral to a holistic psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, social worker, shamanic healer or psychic healer. $50/$90/$140

Smoking/ Drug/ Alcohol Detox:  This includes counseling to work through emotional issues and habits, and a referral to substance counseling or group work if needed.  These are special acupuncture treatments 3 to 4 days in a row, and special herbal and homeopathic recommendations as well as full body detoxification programs to be done over a longer period of time. 3 to 4 one hour sessions.  $90 per session

Ear Candling:  This is a gentle and effective way to remove excess wax, oils and fluids from the ears due to chronic ear or sinus infections, swimmer’s ear, or for clearing the blockage from a head cold or allergies. Half hour session $50 (+$8 for candles). Candles are made with an Ayurvedic herbal formula and beeswax.

Reiki Energy Work:  Get the unique benefits of spirit guided laying on of hands energetic healing, chakra balancing and the intuitive insights that come up during this work.  Often health issues originate from blockages in the aura or energy body that have been around for many years. These can be cleared through this energetic and emotional healing. Includes herbal smudging and sound/vibrational healing with chakra tuning forks and Tibetan chimes.1 hour session $90.

Moxabustion:  Mugwort, a Chinese herb, is heated and held over the body at certain acupoints to warm the body, increase circulation, decrease swelling & pain and tonify internal organs. Great for certain internal conditions, injuries, or feeling too cold all over or in the extremities. Half hour session $50

Tissue Mineral Analysis: A small hair sample is sent to Analytical Research Labs to check for mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicity.  We can interpret your results and make natural supplement and herbal recommendations to help detox your body and heal your internal organs, endocrine and nervous systems.  Mineral balance is a crucial step for a healthy body.  $80 lab fee plus a 1.5 hour session for review and personalized supplement plan for $140.

Saliva and Stool Testing: We use Diagnos-Techs Labs to check for imbalances in female & male hormones, adrenal & stress hormones, and blood sugar.  Tests are also available to screen for food allergies, yeast, parasites, G.I. diseases, G.I. function and bone density.  Prices vary according to tests needed.

Returning Patients:
  For previous clients who haven’t been in for a regular acupuncture session  for a year or more, an extra half hour is required for your first return visit.  This is to catch up on your medical history and lifestyle changes as well as to give new herbal and supplement recommendations in addition to the regular acupuncture treatment.  $140, 1 ½ hour session.

Animal Acupuncture:  This includes an acupuncture treatment and herbal & nutritional counseling for your pet who has already had a medical history.  Half hour session $50

Animal Herb Consultation:  These sessions are for clients who have had a medical history done on their pet and need to do some follow up herbal and nutritional treatment without acupuncture and without having to bring the pet into the clinic. Half hour session $50


White Moon Pharmacy:  We offer the best of many brands of natural products, most at a 20% discount off the retail price.  Many of our herbs and supplements are sold only through licensed health care practitioners and are more concentrated and of a higher quality than those available at a healthfood store.  We also make our own herbal extracts using organic and wildcrafted herbs, and organic cane alcohol. Formulas contain both Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic herbs  and are generally 2-3 times stronger than other retail tinctures.  We have over 150 single herbal extracts and over 80 of our own formulas.  These herbs can be custom blended for your personal health needs.  Our pharmacy contains a large variety of products including:  aromatherapy essential oils & diffusers, amino acids, anti-oxidants, neurotransmitters, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, green-foods, Chinese & Western herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, detoxification programs, magnets, ear candles and body care products.  We also make fresh kombucha tea by the gallons and encourage our clients to make it at home with free mushrooms, instructions and information packets.  A comprehensive and detailed pharmacy catalogue is available.