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great turnipConan is also a health reporter for the Epoch Times.  Here are some of his articles.  To follow his writing and check out other articles, see our White Moon Facebook page.

How Your Mindset Shapes Your Body
Studies have begun to validate an important connection between the mind and the midriff

Slow Medicine Saves Money and Improves Care
The industrial approach of modern medicine has had serious side effects

In Defense of Downtime
Get more done by getting away from it all

How Nature Heals We may be cutting ourselves off from the best medicine—no side effects

The Dark Side of Wireless Technology With an estimated 4.8 billion cellphone users worldwide, it’s hard to fathom that something so commonplace could pose health problems. Yet there is compelling evidence of harm.

Why Cold Weather Causes Colds And how to protect yourself from winter’s wrath with ancient Chinese wisdom

The Pros and Cons of Eating Meat Chewing over the impact on our health and environment

Addiction: A Disease of the Soul?  How a wounded spirit can trigger compulsive behavior

Getting Fit After 50 Why it’s never too late to start exercising

Magnesium: The Missing Mineral Most of us aren’t getting enough, and it’s wreaking havoc on our health

Sugar: A Dangerous and Addictive Drug? Move over, cigarettes—sugar’s taking over as the modern public health pariah

Type 3 Diabetes: A Starving Mind Research reveals a growing connection between diabetes and dementia

The Sunshine Remedy Why a daily dose of unfiltered sun may be essential for better health

Rethinking the War on Salt Salt has been wrongly vilified, with guidelines based on flawed science, say experts

Healing Our Relationship With Food Ditch dieting for good and strive for health by changing your mindset

Finding Balance With the ‘Five Flavors’ How your taste buds can guide you to better health, according to Chinese medicine

Clutter Wars How to win the battle with your stuff

The Benefits of Building Muscle—for Everyone Why muscle training is the key to reaching your fitness goals, even if you’re not a gym junkie

Indoor Air Pollution: The Hidden Health Hazard How to protect your space from invisible threats

Hijacking Healthy: The Convoluted World of Food Labeling Why ‘healthy’ is often more about marketing than nutrition

Microbiome: The Body’s Great Conductor The microbiome orchestrates a multitude of functions within the body. Dr. Raphael Kellman shares how to create the best conditions for it to thrive.

How to Age-Proof Your Life Experts weigh in on protecting your health and wealth for years to come

Preventing Alzheimer’s: A Mind and Body Approach Diet, exercise, and mind care are key

Tune in to Your Body’s Wisdom Intuition partnered with scientific knowledge could get us even closer to a cure

Beating Technology Addiction How to regain control and stay sane in a virtual world

The Myth of Multitasking Is it possible to do more than one task well at a time?

Uncovering the Emotional Message of Chronic Pain We usually think of it as a bad thing, but pain helps keep us from harm. In fact, without pain, our lives would be cut short.

Relax … The Season Encourages It If your New Year’s fitness goals are already floundering, you might not be entirely to blame, according to traditional Chinese medicine. A big reason may be the season.

The Body’s Best Defense, on Overdrive When inflammation harms instead of helps—and how to stop it.

Prolong Your Life by Balancing and Preserving Your Life’s Essence Why the kidneys play a vital role in health and longevity

Cooking With Adaptogens: Powerful Herbs and Fun Functional Foods During the Cold War, Soviet scientists began researching herbs that could give their soldiers, athletes, and even champion chess players an edge. They called these herbs adaptogens, because they help the body to better adapt to stress.

Milk Thistle Heals and Protects the Liver and Acts as Poison Antidote In many ancient cultures, spiky plants known as thistles are a symbol for protection and respect. But there is much more to these weeds than just prickly barbs.

Valerian for Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain, Drug Withdrawal, and ADHD Valerian is one of the best-known herbs for insomnia. It was used to help the ancient Greeks fall asleep, and it remains a popular sleep aid throughout Europe and North America.

Do Cell Phone and Wifi Fields Harm Our Bodies? Studies suggest common forms of household radiation deserve more attention

Lyme Disease: A Hard Road to Diagnosis and Recovery If you just read official reports, Lyme doesn’t seem like much to worry about. However, for many Lyme sufferers, the road to diagnosis and recovery is far from easy.

‘Female Ginseng’: A Famous Chinese Herb for Body Rejuvenation Dong quai is one of the most famous herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Sometimes called “female ginseng,” its thick, brown roots are best known for treating PMS, painful periods, and other issues exclusive to women. But men can use it too for other health complaints.

Clary Sage for a Calm Mind and Hormonal Balance Clary sage was a beloved herb in ancient Europe, not only for flavoring beer, but for food and medicines, too. Yet sometime in the Renaissance, the herb fell out of fashion.

Mullein, the Magical Plant That Sets Bones and Alleviates Coughs Mullein is primarily used as a cough remedy, but it has other medicinal uses that are often overlooked—some were only recently discovered.

Beyond Pills: Gaining a Healthy Body, a Strong Mind, and an Empowered Life In the history of drug sales, Prozac is a superstar. When the pill was first approved to treat depression over 25 years ago, it wasn’t just about marketing a new medicine, it was selling a new mindset.

Healthy Lifestyle Prevents Alzheimer’s Better Than Any Drug Alzheimer’s disease can be a devastating illness for both patients and caregivers. However, many of the symptoms may be preventable by following a good diet and getting regular exercise.

Comfrey: A Healing Plant With a Misguided Reputation
For centuries, comfrey was considered a safe medicine, and in some cases even a food. But today, regulators around the world strongly warn against taking it internally.

Chill Out and Soothe Pain with Mint
Bite into a chili pepper and your tongue feels heat, even though the actual temperature in your mouth doesn’t change. A similar trick occurs with mint.

Parsley for Bladder Infections, Osteoporosis, Digestive Problems, and Healthy Menstruation The herb is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and is a time-honored folk remedy.

Diatomaceous Earth: Silica Rich, Detoxifying Dirt It sounds like the title of a 1970s sci-fi novel, but diatomaceous earth is actually a white powder 30 million years in the making.

Diet and Exercise Are Key to Reversing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS can be a mystery to doctors and patients alike.

New Understanding of Chronic Fatigue Can Pave Way to Better Treatment Up until the last few years, many doctors doubted the disorder existed at all, suggesting that the feeling of unshakable fatigue people experienced was merely just in the minds of the sufferers.

Apricot Kernel: Chinese Herb for Cough and Source of a Controversial Vitamin Despite its medicinal qualities and its almond-like charms, apricot kernels are an herb to use with caution.

Green Tea Improves Brain Function for People With Down Syndrome There is no cure for Down syndrome, but scientists believe green tea may point the way to an effective treatment.

Monk Fruit, the Multi-Faceted Sweetener Unlike sugar, monk fruit doesn’t contribute to obesity or diabetes. The fruit has been eaten in the Far East for several hundred years, but it does have a few drawbacks to consider.

New Study Shows That Cinnamon Can Improve the Ability to Learn According to researchers, the mechanism behind cinnamon’s brain-enhancing influence is sodium benzoate—a chemical our body extracts from cinnamon when metabolized by the liver.

How Diet Pills Sank a Traditional Chinese Herb for Sinus Problems
There’s a cheap, natural, and safe remedy for treating sinus problems with a long history of success, but it’s virtually impossible to find in North America today.
In Chinese medicine, licorice’s sweet and smooth quality makes it the perfect harmonizing herb, and that’s why it’s found in so many classic Chinese formulas.
Eat Healthier by Learning the Language of Cravings If our bodies know what they need, why do we crave junk food?
The Tongue Is a Map of the Body in Chinese Medicine Your tongue does more than just taste food and articulate words. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is also a convenient diagnostic tool.
Raspberry Leaf Helps Keep Moms Strong Before and After Pregnancy  The raspberry leaf has been a favorite herb for centuries in folk medicine traditions around the world. Today it is most notably used by women to keep their reproductive organs strong.
Over the past 50 years, ashwagandha has gone from relative obscurity to become a popular supplement in the West. 
Give insulin lowering foods the green light.
Stinging Nettle for Energy, Detoxification, and More
Stinging nettle is an herb everyone should get to know. It may not be exotic or sexy, but it easily outshines many of the so-called “superfoods” on the market.
From garden variety red, to Spanish black, daikon, and maca.
Exploring the Microcosm Within
Adventures and insights from the microbiome. Read more… microbiome
BPA Still Lurks in Most Canned Food, Despite Industry Promises
Several studies link BPA exposure—even in very small amounts—to diseases such as infertility, diabetes, obesity, asthma, attention deficit disorder, as well breast and prostate cancer.  Read more… endocrine disrupting chemicals

The Bacterial Imbalance Behind Food Allergies
Scientists have found some possible causes for food allergies. These clues may one day lead to treatment. Read more… food allergies, gluten, peanuts

Are Leftover Onions Poisonous?
To many cooks, they are as essential as salt and pepper. But does this common vegetable have a dark side?  The Internet seems to think so. Read more…  herbs

Easter Lily, a Food and Medicine
Used to treat coughs, irritability, and female problems. Read more… herbs, ovarian cysts

Aloe Vera: Treatments and Safety Concerns
Aloe is one of the most popular herbs in the world today. Not only is it a common houseplant, but the aloe products industry is worth about $13 billion worldwide. Read more… herbs

Dill Soothes the Stomach, Mind, and Menstrual Issues
Dill is an herb known mostly for its role in flavoring pickles, but it’s also a safe, gentle remedy for gas, diarrhea, heartburn, and other symptoms of gastrointestinal distress.
Read more… herbs

Thyme: Herb for Courage, Coughs, Purification, Pain Relief
Despite its small stature, tiny thyme has served as a symbol for strength and bravery among many cultures for thousands of years.
Read more…  herbs

What to Consider When Choosing Vitamins
The story of vitamins starts with food. Ancient doctors knew nothing about vitamins, but they did know that when people strayed too far from a healthy diet, disease would result. Read more... vitamins, nutrition, supplements

A Better Test for Preeclampsia—a Potentially Dangerous Pregnancy Complication
Modern medicine is stumped by what causes preeclampsia and the condition is notoriously tricky to diagnose. Read more… pregnancy

Hot Peppers for Pain, Infection, and Heart Health
The botanical name for chili peppers is Capsicum. The name comes from a Greek word which means “to bite.” Hot peppers are the food that bites you back. Read more… herbs, heart health

Understanding the Heart of Chinese Medicine
Modern people typically believe that the brain rules the body. But according to ancient Chinese doctors, the heart is in charge.  Read more… chinese medicine, heart health

Cardiologist Says Prescription Drugs Often Do More Harm Than Good
Dr. Marcum’s message stands in stark contrast to the modern American medical model—by far the most drug-centric system in the world—where patients largely reach for pills to treat their health issues.   Read More…  drugs

Healing the Heart with Hawthorne
Hawthorn ranks among the three most often used “heart herbs” in the West (along with garlic and cayenne pepper) and is prescribed by doctors and herbalists alike.
Read more…  herbs, heart health

Rosemary for Memory and Circulation
Rosemary is one of the most important plants in ancient Greek herbalism and remains one of the top herbs in the modern spice rack. Read more…  herbs

Hibiscus Tea for Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, and Inflammation
Hibiscus tea is a pleasantly tart, ruby red beverage drunk throughout North Africa and the Middle East for centuries. Read more… herbs

Get to Know Savory, for Coughs, Sore Throat, and Indigestion
Savory is a wonderful herb that is tragically underutilized. As the name suggests, it has a rich, satisfying flavor, but it also has a wide range of healing applications too. Read more… herbs

Buckwheat for Cardiovascular Health, Stroke Prevention, and Diabetes Buckwheat is due for a serious rebranding effort. Despite the name, it has absolutely no relation to wheat and contains no gluten. In fact it’s not a grain at all. Read more… gluten-free

Eat This Special Fiber for Good Gut Health
Most everybody knows about probiotics. A lesser known trend in the world of gut health is called prebiotics. Read more… microbiome

Successful Weight Loss Starts With Our Emotional Connection to Food People focus almost entirely on the physical aspects of their strategy, such as diet and exercise, but ignore the emotional side of the equation. Read more… weight loss, emotional eating

Fenugreek for Cholesterol, Diabetes, Menstrual Problems, and more  Fenugreek is one of the first cultivated herbs in recorded history and remains a fundamental ingredient in curative and culinary traditions from around the world. Read more… herbs

Use Sage for Headaches, Indigestion, Sore Throats, and More
In many ancient cultures, sage was an herb associated with both purification and long life. Read more… herbs

Parents Say Essential Oils Help with Autism
Conventional therapies available to treat autism are limited, so many parents seek alternative options. One treatment that’s been getting a lot of attention is essential oils. Read more… autism, essential oils, aromatherapy

One Doctor’s Prescription for Back Pain
Doctors should not only treat the pain, but also the underlying weakness of the patient’s back, otherwise the body can never truly heal. Read more…  back pain, posture

Siberian Ginseng for Energy and Endurance
Adaptogen is a term used to describe herbs that help the body adapt to stress. Today, several herbs fall under this category, but the name was first given to Siberian ginseng. Read more… herbs, adaptagen, back pain

Common Foods and Household Products That Poison Pets
Foods that are safe for people can cause pets serious harm. Examples include garlic, avocados, grapes, macadamia nuts, and xylitol—a popular sweetener in sugar free gum. Read more… pets, poison, toxic, dogs, cats

Get Calm and Focused with Lemon Balm
Lemon balm has been popular throughout Europe for hundreds of years, not only for its smell, but also for its ability to treat anxiety and depression.  Read more… herbs, herbalism, anxiety, depression, focus

Doctors Explain Why the Most Common Thyroid Test Misdiagnoses Some Patients
Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey suggests that about one in 300 Americans suffers from a low functioning thyroid, known as hypothyroidism. But some doctors believe the actual number is much higher. Read more… hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Grave’s, Hashiomoto’s, hormones

Boost Memory, Cognition with Rhodiola
In Siberian, Tibetan, and Scandinavian folk medicine, Rhodiola rosea root has been one of the most revered herbs for at least a thousand years. Read more… herbs, herbalism, adaptagen, thyroid, memory

Hormonal Balance for Everybody
Vitex berry has been a favorite herb for hormonal balance for a long time. The great Roman physician Dioscorides filled more pages on vitex than any other herb in his five volume Materia Medica written about 55 AD. Read more… herbs, herbalism, pituitary, hormones, menopause, acne

Yoga: The Prescription for Back Pain
Given the high cost and low success rate of conventional treatments, some clinics are considering a method that doctors would have dismissed just a few decades ago. Read more… yoga, back pain, chronic pain

Meet the Newest, Trending, Super-Healthy Green
Purslane is an exotic new vegetable popping up at farmer’s markets, the green du jour at trendy restaurants, and a very common backyard weed. Read more… herbs, omega 3, efas, greens

Midwife Births a Safe Option for Most Women
For most of human history, women helped their fellow women through the birthing process. Over the last 100 years, doctors have taken the reigns from midwives, and birth has moved from the home into the hospital. Read more… midwife, birth, pregnancy, doula

Cancer Nurse Calls Honey a ‘Game Changer’ for Wound Healing
Imagine slathering honey on an open wound. It may sound weird, but until the advent of penicillin, this was a widely used and well-regarded remedy.  Read more… honey, wounds, cancer

Tibetan Mushroom That Was Viagra of the Ancients—Now Costs Tens of Thousands Per Pound
It’s strange to think that such a cruel fungus could have such a beneficial effect on the human body, but for centuries Tibetan and Chinese doctors have considered yartsa gunbu is a very precious medicine. Read more…  herbs, herbalism, adaptagens

Basil: Herb of Doctors, Scorpions, and Kings
For most Americans, the scent of basil usually means Italian food. But this herb is good for much more than just pasta.  Read more…
herbs, herbalism, digestion, adaptagens

Cilantro, One of Mankind’s Most Popular Herbs
Cilantro is an enigma. It’s by far one of mankind’s most popular herbs. It is eaten in generous quantities all across the globe. But for many, a single leaf can ruin their day.  Read more…    herbs, herbalism, digestion

Why Hot Days and Alcohol Don’t Mix
But before your next festival, barbeque, or summer soiree, consider what health experts say about mixing alcohol with high temperatures.   Read more…  dehydration, alcohol, excess heat

House Votes to Keep Consumers in the DARK About GMOs
The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill to keep the status quo on GMO labeling. Those in favor of the bill call it the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, while those who oppose the measure have dubbed it the DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know). Read more… GMO, bioengineering, food, labels, legislation

Stricter Toxic Chemical Regulations in Sight
Consumer products are loaded with industrial chemicals—from cosmetics to mattresses, from firearms to food. These compounds are found in 96 percent of all manufactured goods. But a growing body of evidence finds that many chemicals on the market today are linked to serious health problems. Read more… chemicals, toxicity

Laundry Pods Easily Poison Children
The latest thing in clean clothes is laundry pods—a detergent-delivery system designed for convenience. For adults, they’re great—no measuring, spills, or mess. For many children, however, laundry pods have caused serious harm. Read more… poison, chemicals, child safety, toxicity

Soothe Poison Ivy, Rashes, Stings With This Common Plant
“Leaves of three? Let them be.” This rhyme helps identify poison ivy. If you miss the signs and get a rash, there’s another plant you need to know. Read more… herbs, herbalism, poison ivy, dermatology, skin problems

Your Grudges May Be Killing You, What Science Says About Forgiveness Religions teach us to turn the other cheek, but in practice, forgiveness may seem impossible. We may feel justified in our resentment, or believe it will protect us from getting hurt again, but experts say we pay a high price for long-held grudges. Read more…  emotion, marriage counseling, cancer, forgiveness

Heal Your Gut To Heal Depression
For most of the 20th century, bacteria was the enemy.  But scientists have developed a new respect for bacteria, and the paradigm is turning from a strategy of war, to one of co-existence. Read More… microbiome, bacteria, prebiotics, probiotics, digestion, immunity, depression, anxiety

Toxins in Your Fish Oil
Fish are the richest source of omega-3s available, but today they are often high in toxins as well. Read more…  fish oil, toxins, omega-3s, inflammation, heart disease

Why Whey?
This protein-rich product can boost immunity and detoxification, or not. Read More…   whey, protein, immunity, detoxification, dairy, supplements

Sweet Root for Female Libido
There are 24 approved drugs for male sexual dysfunction, yet not a single treatment for women. Read more…ayurveda, libido, sex, infertility, yin

Plantain, the Earthly Traveler’s Trusty Companion
If you only learn one herb, make it plantain. Read more… herbs, herbalism, nutrition, weeds, poultice

A Prudent Guide to Sun Protection
Sunscreen, skin cancer, and the dangers of tanning. Read more… skin care, skin cancer, tanning beds, vitamin D


Relief for Restless Legs
While the irresistible urge to move your tired limbs can be an annoying symptom, the biggest problem with Restless Leg Syndrome is a lack of sleep. Read More…  restless leg syndrome

Bloodroot for Skin Cancer
Tales of a controversial remedy Read More… skin cancer, herbs

Stalking the Elusive Omega-3s
Good sources of a hard-to-find fatty acid. Read More… omega-3s, essential fatty acids, inflammation

Ginkgo: Ancient Tree of Longevity
Ginkgo’s reputation as a memory tonic is fading, but it still has many other benefits. Read More… gingko, herbs, memory, dementia, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, Chinese medicine

Essential Oil Safety
Experts weigh in on good practices and bad advice. Read more… essential oils, aromatherapy, depression, pets, kids, pregnancy

Essential Oils for Pain: Mints, Resins, and Rhizomes
Essential oils are fascinating for their ability to change mood through scent. But they do much more than just relieve depression and anxiety. Some also treat pain. Read More… essential oils, aromatherapy, pain, herbs

Sleep Loss Makes You Fat
Failures and fixes for chronic sleep deprivation. Read More… insomnia, sleep, melatonin, 5HTP, obesity

joe pye weed (gravel root)
joe pye weed (gravel root)

Rev Up Your Turmeric
Potent preparations can treat anxiety and depression. Read more… herbs, herbalism, anti-inflammatory, inflammation

For Faster Healing Use Heat, Not Ice
Science validates what Chinese medicine has recommended for years. Read more… Chinese medicine, TCM, pain, inflammation

Chinese Remedies for Hay Fever
Ancient medicine for a modern disease. Read more… Chinese medicine, TCM, allergies, sinus problems

Review: Psychiatry Under the Influence
A new book explores the American obsession with chemical solutions for mental health care, and the lack of science to validate it. Read more… psychotropic, mind altering, drugs, evidence based medicine

Blueberries for Severe Trauma
Blueberries have long been recommended for a variety of ailments: gout, urinary tract infections, reducing inflammation, and improving eye health. Modern research has discovered that blueberries also have an affinity for the brain. Read more… nutrition, herbs, trauma, inflammation

Making the Most of Iron Rich Food
Of all the minerals required by the human body, iron is the most suggestive of strength. Read more… nutrition

The Good and Bad of Xylitol
Better than most sweeteners, but use sparingly. Read more… sugar, artificial sweeteners.

A Tale of Two Rhubarbs
One for constipation, another for pie. Read more… herbs, herbalism, TCM, Chinese medicine