Animal Healthcare

Holistic Healthcare and Acupuncture
for Animals

acu1Our cat Big Paws loves to go out doors during the day when the weather is nice. One day he came limping in so we took him to the vet and found that he broke his pelvis bone. We gave him daily acupuncture, along with herbal pain relievers and stool softeners instead of prescription medications. After three weeks he was as good as new.


Even older pets can be helped with acupuncture and have their chemical medications replaced with natural remedies. Many owners have told us that their pets who could hardly get around due to arthritis, are now acting as playful as kittens and puppies. We encourage owners to switch to organic pet food and supplement it with herbs to prevent and heal chronic diseases.

This dog had a history of kidney failure, kidney stones, and an ear infection caused by an injury at the groomer. His right back leg had been weak for a year, he had arthritis in his right back knee and he fell off a table a few months before and was limping. He had gotten so weak that he couldn’t walk and kept falling. He had been on so many medications, including steroids that he started having seizures. He wasn’t eating or having bowel movements and he was peeing in his bed because he couldn’t walk. The vet suggested euthanasia.

We changed his diet and used herbs and acupuncture. His owner quit giving him the medication the day before she brought him in and we were able to replace his meds with herbs.

“When the vet suggested acupuncture we thought we had nothing to lose but our dog. He peed everywhere he slept because he couldn’t walk. After the first acupuncture treatment he could walk again. Now he eats well, has bowel movements everyday, runs a lot and has so much energy. He’s able to get back up on his own if he happens to fall occasionally from running too fast. Before he didn’t respond and couldn’t even walk to drink his water. Now he’s so strong and quick I can’t keep up with him. We were very lucky to find White Moon Healing Center. He got better quick; he’s a new dog.”

Surai and Sammy Lertpanichpum, owners of Chi Chi (15 year old dog)

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Gracie is Gracie again!

Gracie, my oldish little terrior mix, was in serious pain; to the point of being almost immobile. We frantically brought her to our vet who then suggested we bring her to a neurologist who then took a costly MRI of her spine. The doctor said that Gracie was not a good surgical candidate as it showed she had 70% disk failure. We felt hopeless, because her pain was still omnipresent and even SEVERE pain narcotics didn’t relieve her tremendous suffering. I hate to say it, but I even considered putting down my little best friend as a favor to her! I asked the neurologist what else, if anything, we could do for her. He said acupuncture. So after a defeating sigh, I agreed to pursue something I assumed was hopeless.

Boy, was I ever pleasantly proven wrong! I Googled acupuncture on pets in Chicago and up popped White Moon Healing Center. We brought in Gracie later the next week and brought her back for 3 or 4 more treatments. She was a very good patient and responded almost IMMEDIATELY. Mary Helen prescribed herbs to cleanse her system of toxins and for her pain. Her transformation (that’s the best way to describe her healing process) was dramatic. I never dreamed it would happen, but Gracie (who’s 12) is back to her fireball self and acting liking a pup again!

With sincerest thanks,
Brigitte, Steven and Gracie