Please contact your Congressional Representative and ask them to cosponsor HR646. The Federal Acupuncture Coverage Act. This bill mandates that acupuncture will be provided for all recipients of Medicare, Medicaid, and all Federal employees. History shows that when these institutions cover a service that all major insurance plans follow suit. This is the first step for acupuncture coverage by all insurance companies, and would lead to having acupuncture included into the future National Health Care Plan. To learn more and obtain a sample letter go to Bills are introduced for a two year period and we are entering the second year for HR646 so time is of the essence. This bill has been stuck in committee for many years previous. To find your congressperson go to and type in your zipcode. Of the 19 districts in Illinois only Jan Schakowsky and Jesse Jackson are co-sponsors of this bill. Please thank them for their support. Bobby Rush and John Shimkus sit on the Energy and Commerce Committee to which HR646 has been referred-we really need their sponsorship.